Purple Stride Boston 2012: A Look Back

Before I post about this year’s Boston walk, I thought I would post this video/photo diary of our incredible Boston Purple Stride 2012 as a look back to an incredible day with our Judy. Although I am sure this may bring some tears and sadness that Judy no longer walks with us here on earth, focus on her smile in EVERY picture and know she still “walks” with us each and every day. This was such a special day for Judy (and me) and she wanted nothing more than to enjoy this day with family and friends, which she absolutely did!

We also used this day to honor my Mom, Ellen Lavin, as she lost her own battle with cancer just a few weeks before the walk, but wanted us to “Walk On” with and for Judy, despite our grieving for losing her. She was the wind beneath so many people’s wings!

As the saying goes, don’t be sad it’s over, be happy it happened! We love you Judy and Mom!

They showed us how to “Walk On” and continue to KNOW IT  FIGHT IT  END IT!


One thought on “Purple Stride Boston 2012: A Look Back

  1. As I sit here and watch the video through blurred vision(duh,tears) the smiles throughout the video outweigh the sadness we have for losing Judy to soon,knowing she brought happiness to everybody she was associated to..especially you Teri, the love of her life..

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